Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Server Products (Physical Selling)
Customers are requested to read the Terms and Conditions of Sale/Services before purchasing any Product or availing any Service from Our website. You need to signify your acceptance of the offer made at our site by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the sale.
Description and Pricing
Server Technosys strives to provide best possible prices on the Servers and Other services. Prices of the Servers are subject to change with time without any prior notice. However, Server Technosys will not assure that the price will be low in the City, Region or Anywhere else across the Globe. If the price or information about the Product or Service is specified incorrectly on the website, then Server Technosys at its discretion will contact you or cancels the order and notify you in case of such cancellation. If Server Technosys cancels the order after the payment processing is completed, then the amount will be refunded to your account from which you have made the payment within the reasonable period of time. We might negotiate on the prices of the Products/Services We Sell/Offer at Our Sole discretion.
Order Process
We accepts the Customer Order and completes the Contract between Us and Customer after the Products/Services are Dispatched at the doorsteps or Completed on the relevant location of the Customers. Order is accepted until and unless the Customer himself cancels the order.
Products are delivered to the Shipping Address specified by the Customers at the Our sole discretion. The Shipping Address and Pincode of the Customer is verified by the Server Technosys before proceeding to the payment process. In the event case, if the area you request is not serviceable by Our delivery Partner/Merchant, We would request you to provide an alternative Shipping Address that We expect would be in the delivery partner’s list. You can order the Product/Service from any place worldwide. If you purchase two to three Products/Services at a time, then Wemight try to ship them together.
Limitation of Liability
We are not liable for any loss or damage, which was not predictable by Us at the time of accepting the Order and the loss or damage caused due to Breach of Contract by You.
Order Cancellations & Changes
We strive to ship the Products/Services ordered by the Customers at a faster pace. For the benefit of the Customer, We send the orders to the warehouse to start the fulfilment process to deliver the Product soon. In the event case, if we are unable to locate the order after the fulfilment process has begun, we would not be able to change the order or cancel it.
We will not refund or accept the Products/Services that were processed for the reason you have changed your mind or you have found the Products/Services to be more economical at some other place. We advise you to preview the order carefully before adding them to the shopping cart and confirming it.
Returning Goods – General
You need to ensure that the Product is properly Packaged and labelled with the address as before when returning the Product. You are solely liable for any damage or scratches on the goods due to improper packaging. You are also responsible for the loss of goods or any damage while transporting other than using our courier. Returns of the product will be acceptable only when it reaches you in damaged condition which is reported byYou immediately or in due course of time after the packagesare delivered. The late reporting of damaged good, physical damages made while assembling or other certain instances by You and the electrical burning to the Products will be not be entertained on all circumstances.
24/7 Technical Support
Server Technosys provides impeccable 24/7 technical support for most of its Products. Few products need technical support from the manufacturer to know how to use it.
While purchasing Products/Services on Server Technosys, it is pivotal to select the right payment mode. We accept all the on line transactions and NEFT transfers. Your products will be delivered to the shipping address once the payment is made.
The warranty period varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the event of any damage, the customer can replace or repair the product after the purchase without paying within the given time frame under certain conditions.
Server Technosys will not assure that the products on the site are accurate, reliable, and damage free.
We respect your privacy, however, while shipping the products to other states they are subjected to open and inspected by the customs authorities.